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Elevating College Placement Success through Seamless Connections, Precision Hiring, and a Transformative Student Experience.

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Crafting Student's End-to-End College Experience for Success

At Tyup Mate, we're not just revolutionizing placements, we're transforming your entire college experience. Join us, and together, we'll pave the way to your future success.

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College's Placement Partner

Unlock the Power of Seamless College-Company Connections, Streamlined Verification, and Unmatched Success. Tyup offers a unique blend of features and benefits for colleges. Explore Now!!

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Your End-to-End Automated Platform for Better, Faster Hiring

Revolutionize your hiring process with speed and precision. Our end-to-end automation delivers top talent for your organization effortlessly.

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Your Privacy is Our Priority

In our partnership, trust is our cornerstone. We don't own or trade your data, and we certainly don't rely on ad-driven models. Our sole revenue source is the software licensing fees you provide.

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Have a Feature in Mind?

Have a feature in mind? We're here to listen! At Tyup, we value your input. Share your ideas or requests with us, and together, we can make Tyup even better, tailored to your needs.

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